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Intro To Commercial Real Estate

Real estate purchases Real estate home staging Local real estate market reports Local real estate market expertise and guidance real estate professional referrals (for those moving to another state or country) Real estate leasing (commercial, industrial, retail, residential) Other: do you have a unique real estate issue that you need assistance.

Hotel Construction Lender Home > Business-Commercial > Loans > Real Estate & Construction Financing Real Estate & Construction Financing If you are looking for financing to expand your current facility, acquire investment property or build a new office, a residential complex or a warehouse, Cathay Bank provides a broad range of commercial real estate financing programs.

Navigating Chicago Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Lease Transactions – 3 Hours: This is an essential introduction to commercial real estate purchase and lease transactions, ideal for those new to commercial real estate as well as veterans looking for a refresher. *****Available Classroom Only*****

Introduction and prerequisites – [Instructor] To understand commercial real estate, it might be easier to note some differences between commercial and residential real estate.

Average Loan Rates In 2008, the average student loan interest rate was 6.0% for undergraduates and 6.8% for graduate students. In 2008, PLUS loan recipients took out loans with a 7.9% interest rate. grad students and PLUS loan applicants’ interest rates remained stable from 2006 to 2012, then experienced a general downward trend, and are now both back to 7.60% as of 2018.

Discussing the various categories of commercial real estate and the basics you need to know about each. Office, loft-studio and retail spaces. investment building sales. Key terms and concepts related to each category. Differences between residential and commercial real estate: features, procedures and representation.

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This course offers a broad overview of the basics of commercial real estate and how it differs from residential real estate. Students will be able to distinguish and understand the broker’s role and discover the different types of commercial properties, terms, valuation methods, marketing and resources for further education.

Commercial Real Estate Fundamentals (Part 1) This 10-Hour Real Estate Continuing Education course is perfect for the Commercial Real Estate agent and covers all the areas a Farm and ranch real estate agent needs to know. Farm and Ranch contracts, mineral rights, reservations in water rights and how they work with the State of Texas are all topics that are covered.

– Hey, welcome to this introduction to commercial real estate analysis. I just want to take a quick moment to introduce myself and give you a quick breakdown of the course. Who it’s for, and how you should take it in order to get the most out of this course. Hi, my name is Simon Hi and I’m an investor, broker, and real estate consultant based out of Los Angeles, California, and I’ve worked on.

Commercial Property Equity Loan Torchwood Commercial | Commercial Real Estate Loans – Torchwood’s co-guarantee of your loan and our aggressive group of investors gives us flexibility that traditional lenders don’t have. Commercial Real Estate Eligible Property Types Apartment/Multifamily

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